21-22 ExDay Registration CCS Family

Extended Day Registration - CCS Family

Please see the Extended Day Program Handbook 2021-22 for all details.

We regret that YOUNG COUGARS CLUB and After Young Cougars Club are currently FULL and we are unable to accommodate additional students in those programs.




Form Completion Notes:


Should you meet a field for which you have no input, you must key "None" or "N/A" into that field in order to proceed.  Blank fields are not allowed by the form manager program for this registration.


To complete the program schedule fields merely list the days you plan for your student to attend the 3 day option.  For example, if you plan for your student to attend the program on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, key "M,T,R" into the field.  If you only plan to use the program for occasional drop-in, then key "Drop in" into the field.  If you have chosen 5 days or none for the related program selection field, then key "None" into the program schedule field.

21-22 ExDay Registration CCS Family
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